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Padre Vitangelo Carlo Maria Denora SJ



Vicky Tarolla

Miss Vicky is originally from Milan with both Italian and British citizenship. She holds a BA in Childhood and Youth Education, a diploma in School Management and is finishing her Masters in Education. Miss Vicky has ample experience with the IB both as a student and as an educator; she holds an IB Diploma and has worked in the International School of Milan. She moved to Palermo in 2009, to teach at the International School Palermo in the Early Years section. Since then she has obtained many IB certificates, taught in the Primary School and has become the PYP Coordinator. In 2018 she has led the Primary Years Programme through the Evaluation Visit, together with all the PYP staff. She is ISP’s Vice Director and is very enthusiast and positive on the growth and stabilization of the school.


Molly Reithermann (Pre-kindergarten)

Miss Molly is originally from London and has moved to Palermo several years ago. She has had several different jobs, all based on her creative and imaginative skills, spacing from costumier, to stylist, to director of films. She started working at our school as a teaching assistant in 2016 and her expertise in creativity and organization skills have given her the push to become classroom teacher. She is IB trained and has lots of experience with children. Her pre-kindergarten class is colorful and full of energy.


Elysia Guadagna (Kindergarten)

Elysia was born and grew up in Los Angeles California. She started working at ISP as a grade 1 Teaching Assistant. During her time in ISP she has had experience of working with different age ranges, as she has supported children in Pre-kindergarten, Kindergarten and Transition and she has attended to a IB Workshop.This year, she is very excited to take on the role of Kindergarten teacher. She is deeply passionate about the IB programme, as she believes it provides an excellent and well rounded education for all children.


Rosanna Pieroni (Transition)

Rosanna was born and grew up in London speaking both English and Italian. She always had a passion for languages and after graduating with a first class honours in Combined Languages she moved to Palermo in 2007. She started working at ISP in 2009 as Kindergarten assistant and then moved to Transition as an assistant. In 2015 she took on the role of Kindergarten teacher and this year has started teaching Transition. She is IB trained and believes that all children can progress and grow in a stimulating and encouraging environment. Rosanna enjoys the family and community feel at ISP and in her free time enjoys running and going to the theatre.

Diana Di Crosta (Grade 1) 

Miss Diana is a fully qualified teacher and has taught using both the IB and national curriculum. She has taught students with special needs and has experience implementing Individual Education Plans. In addition, Miss Diana attended an IB curriculum high school, and thus is well versed in the ideology and the IB way of learning and teaching. 

Miss Diana è un’insegnante qualificata e ha insegnato usando sia l’IB curriculum sia il curriculum nazionale. Ha insegnato agli studenti con bisogni educativi speciali e ha esperienza nell’implementazione di Piani di Istruzione Individuale. Inoltre, Miss Diana ha frequentato un liceo curricolare IB, e quindi è molto esperta nell’ideologia e nel modo di apprendimento e insegnamento IB.

Annamaria Fidanza (Grade 1 teaching assistant)

Miss Annamaria is an experienced teaching assistant. She has worked in other international schools with the IB system, has taught English in an elementary school in Sicily and is a qualified nursery nurse. Miss Annamaria is a caring and dedicated person, she has worked at ISP as a substitute last academic year and knows most of our children and staff members.

Miss Annamaria è una assistente all’insegnamento con molta esperienza alle spalle. Ha lavorato in altre scuole internazionali con il sistema IB e ha insegnato inglese in una scuola elementare in Sicilia. Miss Annamaria è una persona premurosa e dedicata, ha lavorato all’ISP come sostituta lo scorso anno accademico e conosce la maggior parte dei nostri studenti e membri dello staff.

Sara Pilli (Grade 2)

Sarah is from Melbourne, Australia, where she graduated as a primary school teacher. She first fell in love with Sicily in 2011 when she spent an extended period of time here and has been learning Italian in anticipation of her return ever since. She has vast experience having been teaching children with diverse needs for ten years, including several years in London. Sarah loves travelling because she values learning from the stories and cultures of different people. She believes the core work of a teacher is not only about teaching academic skills but that it is equally important to empower children to see themselves as learners in partnership with others and their communities. Sarah loves to read, care for the environment, eat good food, keep fit, and spend time with friends and family.


Conchita Vecchio (Grade 2 teaching assistant)

Miss Conchita has taught English as a second language to several age groups. She has a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature and has experience with the IB as she attended an IB high school in New York. Miss Conchita is completing the Young Learners Certificate Course at International House Language Centre and cannot wait to join our team.

Miss Conchita ha insegnato inglese come seconda lingua a diverse fasce d’età. Ha una laurea in Lingue e Letterature Straniere e ha esperienza con l’IB avendo frequentato un liceo IB a New York. Miss Conchita sta completando il corso di Young Learners Certificate presso l’International House Language Centre e non vede l’ora di unirsi al nostro team.

Michael Griffiths (Grade 3)

Michael has over twelve years experience of primary teaching in the UK and overseas. After graduating with a BA in Politics and Philosophy he decided to obtain a Post Graduate Certificate of Education. He worked as a Grade 5 teacher at the International School of Moscow and enjoys thinking of especially tricky maths questions for his class. He used to be a professional basketball player and is a sport passionate. Michael will enjoy our basketball pitch as much as we will enjoy having him as an ISP member of staff.

Anna Morris (Grade 4)

Anna Morris was born in London and has two children. She is a qualified teacher with a Masters Degree in Bilingual Learners from the Institute of Education, UCL. She worked in London state schools for 12 years as a class teacher and SENCO, after gaining the National Award for Special Educational Needs. Prior to her work in London she worked at The British Council and Marymount School in Rome, then  Palermo where she founded a residential summer school and worked for The Language Centre. She enjoys theatre, film, music, literature and travel.

Donal Brody (Grade 5)

Mr Donal is a fully qualified primary teacher and has a lot of experience in international education. He has taught the PYP for several years and is particularly passionate about teaching mathematics and sports. He has taught in different countries in upper primary, and has developed his expertise in multicultural and inquiry based education.

Mr Donal è un insegnante elementare pienamente qualificato e ha molta esperienza nell’istruzione internazionale. Ha insegnato neal PYP per diversi anni ed è particolarmente appassionato nell’insegnamento della matematica ed è un’appassionato di sport. Ha insegnato nella scuola primaria in diversi paesi e ha sviluppato la sua esperienza nell’istruzione multiculturale basata sull’indagine.

Emma Wagland (Grade 6)

Miss Emma moved to Sicily a little more than 7 years ago after a beautiful holiday in Cefalu. She is Australian with and English mother. She graduated from Southern Cross University in Australia with a degree in Education specialising in primary education. She taught in Australia for a few years before spending 3 years teaching in London. She has been teaching for over 10 years in primary schools and loves what she does. She is IB trained and has been at the International School Palermo since 2011. Miss Emma has 2 beautiful half Sicilian daughters and they love going home to visit their family in Australia every summer.


Bethanie Derbyshire (EAL Primary school)

Miss Beth grew up in the North of England and has been working as a teacher in the UK for the past ten years specializing in working with learners who have English an an additional language and other additional needs. She has a diploma in teaching literacy and a degree in Multimedia Technologies. She has a passion for using technology to enhance teaching and learning. In her spare time she learns Italian and is an artistic roller skater and coach.

Dora Piazza (Italiano in Primary School)

Dorotea (Dora) Piazza è felice di far parte del corpo docenti ISP da 7 anni. Ama l’insegnamento e adora trascorrere le giornate in compagnia dei suoi alunni. Tutti i suoi studi sono stati orientati al fine di diventare insegnante nella scuola dell’infanzia e primaria. Dopo aver conseguito l’abilitazione all’insegnamento, ha iniziato il suo servizio come insegnante prevalente nella scuola primaria presso il CEI dove ha potuto conoscere ed operare secondo il paradigma pedagogico ignaziano. Successivamente è approdata all’ISP come insegnante della lingua italiana,  dapprima nella scuola dell’infanzia e primaria, ora esclusivamente nelle classi della scuola primaria.  All’ISP ha potuto ampliare la sua esperienza professionale e formarsi come insegnante IB attraverso dei corsi sulla pedagogia e sulla didattica PYP.


Angela Gulizzi (Italiano in Primary School)


Manuela Morana (Arte e creatività in italiano – Pre-school)

Miss Manuela è laureata in storia dell’arte al DAMS di Palermo. Dopo la laurea ha conseguito un Master presso la facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia in “Arti espressive e tecniche espressivo corporee” che le ha fornito gli strumenti necessari per insegnare l’arte nelle sue varie forme e declinazioni. Miss Manuela ha lavorato con terapeuti e insegnanti presso scuole e associazioni, allestendo laboratori di arte e musico-terapia. Ha co-diretto gruppi di teatro creativo per adulti e bambini. La sua passione per i bambini, insieme alla sua preparazione, l’ha portata a insegnare “arte e creatività” all’ISP ai bambini della pre-school.


Giuseppe Lomeo (Music)

Mr Giuseppe is a music teacher, guitar player, composer and performer. He studied Philosophy at the University of Palermo and continues to collaborate with the university in establishing an annual national philosophy and arts festival. Mr Giuseppe also has a diploma in Psychotherapy from the Philadelphia Association, London and a diploma in Youth Work with the YMCA. He studied performing arts in Salzburg with Jeffrey Hendricks and Hermann Nitsch. Mr Giuseppe has composed and performed music for many works of Theatre, Performance Art, Sound Art, Dance, Cinema, participating in International venues and festivals including: Festival of New Consonance in Rome, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, London Festival of Architecture, Rotterdam Biennale of Architecture, etc. In July 2018 in collaboration with Thibault Delferiere and Jack McNamara he won an award for the performance Sisyphus at the Birmingham European Festival.


Paul O’Connor (Physical education)

Mr Paul is originally from Montreal, Canada where he taught Middle school for the past 12 years. Mr Paul has a bachelor degree in Physical Education from McGill University. Other than specializing in P.E., he also taught Math, Geography, History, Science and Ethics.

The wonderful people, weather and food have brought Mr Paul and his family to Palermo. He has four children (Noah, Isaac, Scarlett and Ezra) and a spectacular wife named Cristina. They enjoy discovering new places and meeting new people.

Exposing the students to a wide variety of sports and activities is what Mr Paul centers the Physical Education program at ISP around. He believes it is vital for the learner to gain in understanding of athletics from around the world.

Giulia Raimondo (Italiano per stranieri)

Miss Giulia ha conseguito il diploma di maturità classica al “Liceo Classico Giuseppe Garibaldi” a Palermo. Dopo il liceo ha frequentato l’Università degli Studi di Palermo, dove si è laureata in Lingue e Letterature moderne dell’occidente e dell’oriente, in particolare in lingua e letteratura italiana, inglese, spagnola e francese, con votazione di 110/110 cum laude. Durante l’università Miss Giulia ha vissuto per diversi periodi all’estero, nel 2008 a Siviglia, dove ha frequentato l’università e nel 2010 a Londra, lavorando presso un’azienda di interpreti e traduttori. Dopo la laurea ha lavorato come insegnante in varie scuole; da settembre 2103 a luglio 2015 ha insegnato al Liceo linguistico “Gonzaga”; da settembre 2015 ha insegnato all’ISP in quanto professoressa di italiano e di francese nelle classi grade 6 e grade 7. Inoltre, da settembre 2016 ha insegnato italiano nelle classi Kindergarten e Transition.

Diana Romito (segreteria)


Lorenzo Emmanuele Vantaggiato – MIDDLE SCHOOL COORDINATOR

Italian-born but bred in a number of places, Mr Lorenzo has taught at a few international schools, in Milan and abroad, before joining ISP last September. His association with the IB educational philosophy dates back to 1988, when he graduated from United World College of the Adriatic (an IB World School). An economist on loan to the teaching of languages, Mr Lorenzo holds a BA in Industrial and Labour Economics from Bocconi University and a Masters in Sustainable International Development from Brandeis University (which he attended on a Fulbright scholarship). He collaborates regularly with Oxford Study Courses, teaching English in the pre-IB summer course in Oxford. Since 2006, Mr Lorenzo has served as an IB English B examiner (Paper Two, Paper One and Written Assignment), as well as a workshop leader since 2009 with both IBEN (International Baccalaureate Educators’ Network) and various other providers. A trained singer, in 2009 he was briefly seen on the Italian edition of X-Factor. In 2017, he also appeared on a famous quiz show on Italian television.


Francesco Caruso (Lingua e letteratura italiana)

Mr Francesco teaches Italian in MYP 3 and 4 here at ISP, where he also served as Assistant Director in 2017-2018. He has a double background, both legal and literary. Mr Francesco graduated magna cum laude in Law at the University of Palermo (2001). He also holds an MBA in Intellectual Property Management (2002), a M.A. in Italian Studies from University of Pennsylvania (2003), and a Ph.D. in Italian from Johns Hopkins University (2013). Mr Francesco has taught Italian in American universities for nearly eight years.  Besides teaching at ISP, he is also a translator and a scholar of Italian literature of the Renaissance. He is a (more than) avid reader and an enthusiast traveler.


Cynthia Dawn Ungaro (English Language and Literature)

Born in The USA and delighted to be teaching English at ISP, Miss Cindy is a New York state-certified ELA (English Language Arts) teacher with 18 years of classroom experience. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Liberal Arts from St. John’s University (NY) and earned a Master of Science in Education in 1998 from Hofstra University (NY). She received her CELTA certification in 2013 and taught English as a second language to adults in New York City and Rome, before moving to Palermo. She is a proud parent of a toddler (who is now part of the ISP family) and owner of the rambunctious, Cirneco mixed breed Mikey. Miss Cindy loves reading in parks, classic rock, traveling, animals, taking excursions in nature and anything vintage.


Nina Kaye James (Design and ICT)

Miss Nina has taught in England for 17 years, after completing a BA in Design and Technology with QTS.  During this time she also achieved a Masters in Education and completed the IB Certificate of Teaching and Learning – she just likes learning! Miss Nina has been expanding the MYP Design curriculum and introducing ICT to PYP since arriving last November…we are moving onward and upwards with our technology – the future is bright! On a personal note Miss Nina loves to travel with her husband, she also enjoys horse riding, reading and cooking.


Lavinia Robba (Science)

Lavinia was born in Palermo where she grew up speaking Italian and English. Her passion for Sciences brought her to graduate with honours in Biological Sciences and to a PhD with a combined project between Palermo University and the Natural History Museum in London U.K., where she developed a number of skills and techniques in sciences. She also started teaching to undergraduates and master course students and was involved in UK teachers’ development courses.  She then settled in London working for several years as a researcher at the Natural History Museum. Lavinia moved back to Palermo in December 2010. In 2015 she worked for a few months as a Math and Science Teacher at ISP. In 2016 she acquired her IELTS language qualification certificate.


Adiagna Rodriguez Escalona (Spanish)

Miss Adiagna, better known as Miss Adi was born and raised in Cuba. There she studied law and foreign languages. Miss Adi trained as a teacher in Spain and in Palermo, where she moved in 2013. Teaching and foreign languages have always been a passion for Miss Adi. She began teaching Spanish in Havana to students in medicine, once in Italy she started collaborating with the Istituto Cervantes of Palermo and started teaching at the Istituto Gonzaga, at the Liceo Classico Vittorio Emanuele, Università Europea per il Turismo, and collaborates with the Tribunale of Palermo.


Matteo Scala (Mathematics)

Matteo Scala, born in Friuli, raised in Sicily, got his degree in Physics from the University of Palermo in 2004. Still in Palermo he completed his PhD in Physics in 2008 and after that he spent seven years as a postdoc, living in Madrid, Sofia, Palermo again and finally London. While in London, he did his teacher training in 2015/2016 (INSPIRE PGCE at Imperial College London/Canterbury Christ Church University) and between 2016 and 2018 worked for two years in Highgate School as a teacher of mathematics. In his spare time he may be seen tasting wine or singing in opera choruses, maybe at the same time.


Rosalia Siciliano (Lingua e letteratura italiana)

Miss Rosalia was born in Palermo in 1991, where she grew up and studied.  She graduated in Classical Literature and Ancient History at the University of Palermo. After finishing university, she gained experience in teaching through tutoring activity with high school students. This year she is teaching Latin Language and Literature at the Istituto Gonzaga and Italian Language and Literature at ISP. Miss Rosalia is passionate about creative artworks and photography, and is a member of a photography association in Palermo.


Giuseppe Lomeo (Music)

Mr Giuseppe is a music teacher, guitar player, composer and performer. He studied Philosophy at the University of Palermo and continues to collaborate with the university in establishing an annual national philosophy and arts festival. Mr Giuseppe also has a diploma in Psychotherapy from the Philadelphia Association, London and a diploma in Youth Work with the YMCA. He studied performing arts in Salzburg with Jeffrey Hendricks and Hermann Nitsch. Mr Giuseppe has composed and performed music for many works of Theatre, Performance Art, Sound Art, Dance, Cinema, participating in International venues and festivals including: Festival of New Consonance in Rome, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, London Festival of Architecture, Rotterdam Biennale of Architecture, etc. In July 2018 in collaboration with Thibault Delferiere and Jack McNamara he won an award for the performance Sisyphus at the Birmingham European Festival.


Robert Heath  (Science)
Nato nel Middlesex, West London, in una carriera precedente ero un impiegato pubblico del Ministero degli Interni (Dipartimento Immigrazione). Insegno da 27 anni e ho lavorato in posti assai diversi come la Gran Bretagna (Evelyns Community School), il Kuwait (The English Academy), Dubai (Arab Unity School), l’Italia (International School of Milan), Cipro Turca (English School of Kyrenia), la Cina (Dalian High School No. 24) e il Costa Rica (British School of Costa Rica).
Insegno scienze (fino ai GCSE), chimica, fisica e biologia (GCSE, MYP, A-level e IBDP SL/HL).
Paul O’Connor (Physical Education)
Sono di Montreal, dove ho insegnato alla scuola media per 12 anni. Possiedo una laurea in educazione fisica dalla McGill University. Oltre alla specializzazione in educazione fisica, ho anche insegnato matematica, geografia, storia, scienza ed etica.
La gente meravigliosa, il clima e il cibo hanno condotto me e la mia famiglia a Palermo. Ho quattro figli (Noah, Isaac, Scarlett e Ezra) e una moglie spettacolare chiamata Cristina. Ci piace scoprire nuovi posti e incontrare nuove persone.
Far praticare agli studenti un’ampia gamma di sport e attività è il centro del mio programma di educazione fisica qui all’ISP. Ritengo che sia vitale per uno studente accrescere la sua comprensione delle attività atletiche di tutto il mondo.
Rosie Mburu (Humanities)
Sono appena ritornata dalla Cina dove ho insegnato arte a studenti di età fino ai 18 anni. I miei studi universitari e le mie qualifiche di insegnamento sono in teatro e geografia, sebbene abbia anche esperienze di insegnamento in inglese, scienze umane e arte nel liceo. Il mio obiettivo principale è aiutare ad aumentare la comprensione del mondo e delle comunità intorno a noi e di riunirle in attività creative.