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Therapeutic and Spiritual Exercises for Coronavirus

What are these exercises for?

Each exercise has a therapeutic and spiritual part. It helps you:

  • To be more aware of what’s going on within you;
  • To find yourself in a new normality;
  • To face fundamental life questions that reality presents;
  • To experience the healing presence of God in everything you discover.

How to do the exercise?

You just need a computer, tablet or phone. Find a peaceful place and at least 15 minutes of time.

What is “online sharing”?

After finishing the exercise you can see reflections of others shown in an anonymous way. In this period sharing is very helpful – we discover that many people have similar feelings and we all walk together through this difficult time. In contrast there are others that can inspire you with original and fresh ideas and help you to see things in a new way.

Are the exercises only for “believers”?

No, for everyone. The last step of the exercise – the meditation – is very important and recommended for everyone. This is a moment of entrusting everything you discover to the depth that is inside you. This is a moment of moving from the level of your thoughts, emotions and feelings to the level of being. Staying there can transform and heal you. This is the level that believers call “Holy Spirit that dwells in us”. Every person can experience Him.

What’s the youths’ version?

A specially prepared version for youths from 12 years old. It has the same structure but uses easier language and contains examples and images that teenagers can relate to.

Can I do exercise in the group?

Yes, usually it works even better! Just invite others for a videoconference. Each person does the online exercise on its own. Then you can share what you discovered.