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Prof. Ignazio Venzano



Vicky Tarolla

Vicky has a Bachelor of Arts in Childhood and Youth Education and is completing a course from Harvard University, Leaders of Learning. She has worked at the International School of Milan (where she is a former student) and at the International School Palermo. This, together with all the workshops she has attended, has given her a vast knowledge on the PYP program, which is definitely what she believes to be the best teaching practice for primary education.


Kate Gaskill – PreKindergarten

Kate comes from a small town in the north of England called Wigan. She spent three years at Newcastle University, where she gained a degree in English Literature and History. Alongside my studies, she worked as a supply teacher in a pre-school. She also worked in a holiday club for children aged from one to eleven. After completing university, She undertook teacher training for primary school, choosing to specialise in early years education. Last year, She taught Grade Two with a class of thirty children. She loves children and this year, She is very much looking forward to teaching Pre-Kindergarten and settling into the Italian way of life.

Elysia Guadagna – Kindergarten

Elysia was born and grew up in Los Angeles California. She started working at ISP as a grade 1 Teaching Assistant. During her time in ISP she has had experience of working with different age ranges, as she has supported children in Pre-kindergarten, Kindergarten and Transition and she has attended to a IB Workshop.This year, she is very excited to take on the role of Kindergarten teacher. She is deeply passionate about the IB programme, as she believes it provides an excellent and well rounded education for all children.


Rosanna Pieroni – Transition

Rosanna was born and grew up in London speaking both English and Italian. She always had a passion for languages and after graduating with a first class honours in Combined Languages she moved to Palermo in 2007. She started working at ISP in 2009 as Kindergarten assistant and then moved to Transition as an assistant. In 2015 she took on the role of Kindergarten teacher and this year has started teaching Transition. She is IB trained and believes that all children can progress and grow in a stimulating and encouraging environment. Rosanna enjoys the family and community feel at ISP and in her free time enjoys running and going to the theatre.

Aisling O’Sullivan – Grade 1

Aisling comes from Ireland where she originally studied a degree and Masters in Economics. Through working in a retail head office after university, she learned her greatest skill was communicating and helping others, which led her to the career she adore, teaching. In 2013 she moved to London to complete a PGCE in Primary Education to become a teacher. In this year she trained in various schools teaching Grade 1 and Grade 3 classes. The following September shhe had her very first Grade 1 class, and she have been teaching this year group ever since!


Sarah Pilli – Grade 2

Sarah is from Melbourne, Australia, where she graduated as a primary school teacher. She first fell in love with Sicily in 2011 when she spent an extended period of time here and has been learning Italian in anticipation of her return ever since. She has vast experience having been teaching children with diverse needs for ten years, including several years in London. Sarah loves travelling because she values learning from the stories and cultures of different people. She believes the core work of a teacher is not only about teaching academic skills but that it is equally important to empower children to see themselves as learners in partnership with others and their communities. Sarah loves to read, care for the environment, eat good food, keep fit, and spend time with friends and family.


Mairead Doyle – Grade 3

Mairead has been a teacher for over twenty years with experience across primary and secondary.  She hold a BA Honours Degree in English and the Humanities and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education with subject specialism in Literacy. Mairead has a real passion for English Language and Literature, and has taught in many different types of International schools in the world and experienced many different teaching methodologies and curriculums.  It is her great pleasure to now bring all this experience to ISP.  ISP is a special place for learning with a wonderfully warm and friendly school community.  She has found the children an absolute joy to teach.


Clare Graves – Grade 4

Clare graduated with a Bachelor of Education degree in the UK and has over ten years teaching experience. She has taught many different ages and has been a Year 4 teacher for the past three years. She was also literacy coordinator at her previous London school. She plays the piano and guitar and sings in a band. She enjoys painting, photography and drama and speaks basic French and Italian. She has travelled extensively and worked in Greece and Australia before going in to teaching. Clare has been with ISP for three years now and continues to embrace her role here.


Michael Griffiths – Grade 5

Michael has over twelve years experience of primary teaching in the UK and overseas. After graduating with a BA in Politics and Philosophy he decided to obtain a Post Graduate Certificate of Education. He worked as a Grade 5 teacher at the International School of Moscow and enjoys thinking of especially tricky maths questions for his class. He used to be a professional basketball player and is a sport passionate. Michael will enjoy our basketball pitch as much as we will enjoy having him as an ISP member of staff.


Grant Lloyd – Grade 6

Originally from the United Kingdom, he has taught in London for the previous two school years. Having qualified with a BA in Contemporary History, he then decided to obtain his Post Graduate Certificate of Education. He is a firm believer that the ability of children to learn is without boundaries and with the correct guidance, achievement can be unlimited. He loves to travel and believe that the opportunity to see different cultures and countries deepens our own knowledge of the world around us. He enjoys Art in particular as he believe it gives children a chance to think as creatively and imaginatively as possible – a very useful skill to possess across the curriculum.


Philip Doyle – Phisical Education G1 – G8 (+ Math G7 – G8)

Phil trained as a teacher in New Zealand in the late 1970′s but spent most of his working life in business and returned to teaching recently when joining his wife Mairead teaching in various international schools around the world. Phil has travelled the world extensively, visiting over 60 countries and Italy is the 12th country he has lived in. He loves experiencing different cultures and learning about their food, music, language and attitudes. It’s this international experience that Phil trys to bring to his lessons and instil in his students an open minded approach to life and a love for learning.


Cynthia Ungaro – English as Additional Language

Cinthia is originally from The USA, (New York) and have been living in Palermo for the past two years, where she has completed her CELTA training and have been teaching English within private school sectors. she began her teaching career in 1997 and has been working with various age groups from primary to secondary school levels. Much of her training and teaching experience has been in the areas of English as a second language and working with children and teenagers with special needs. She loves traveling and exploring different countries and cultures and she has a particular passion for Italy! In her free time, she enjoy going on excursions and exploring the beautiful island of Sicily, visiting museums, going to the theatre, doing yoga and reading.


Giulia Raimondo – Lingua italiana Early Years

Giulia è nata a Palermo dove si è laureata in Lingue e Letterature moderne dell’occidente e dell’oriente, con esami di lingua e letteratura italiana, inglese, spagnola e francese, con votazione di 110/110 cum laude. Ha vissuto per diversi periodi all’estero, nel 2008 a Siviglia, frequentando l’università e nel 2010 a Londra, con ruolo di interprete e traduttrice. Da settembre 2103 a luglio 2015 ha insegnato al Liceo linguistico “Gonzaga”, dal settembre 2015 insegna all’ISP italiano.


Dora Piazza – Lingua e cultura italiana Grades 1 – 5

Dorotea (Dora) Piazza è felice di far parte del corpo docenti ISP da 7 anni. Ama l’insegnamento e adora trascorrere le giornate in compagnia dei suoi alunni. Tutti i suoi studi sono stati orientati al fine di diventare insegnante nella scuola dell’infanzia e primaria. Dopo aver conseguito l’abilitazione all’insegnamento, ha iniziato il suo servizio come insegnante prevalente nella scuola primaria presso il CEI dove ha potuto conoscere ed operare secondo il paradigma pedagogico ignaziano. Successivamente è approdata all’ISP come insegnante della lingua italiana,  dapprima nella scuola dell’infanzia e primaria, ora esclusivamente nelle classi della scuola primaria.  All’ISP ha potuto ampliare la sua esperienza professionale e formarsi come insegnante IB attraverso dei corsi sulla pedagogia e sulla didattica PYP.



Lorraine Ann Kenny – English, Humanities and Music

Lorraine Ann Kenny, originally from Ireland, received her Masters of Education from University College Cork Ireland having previously studied a bachelor degree of music, sound engineering and music performance. She has 9 years teaching experience and has worked in France, Austria, Germany, Mexico, the U.K and Ireland. In her free time she is passionate about travel, learning languages and exploring new cultures.


Rosie Mburu – English and Creative Arts

Rosie Mburu is a Creative Arts, Humanities and English secondary school teacher with over 8 years of experience in the UK and abroad. Rosie graduated with a BA in Performance and Scenography from Aberystwyth University and gained her PGCE from Liverpool John Moores. Rosie’s teaching style is influenced by her belief that all children can flourish into thoughtful, caring and intelligent young adults if they are immersed in an engaging, cross-curricular and creative setting. Outside of school she is passionate about food, dance, contemporary theatre and literature from different countries and cultures.


Lavinia Robba – Science (G6, G7, G8)

Lavinia was born in Palermo where she grew up speaking Italian and English. Her passion for Sciences brought her to graduate with honours in Biological Sciences and to a PhD with a combined project between Palermo University and the Natural History Museum in London U.K., where she developed a number of skills and techniques in sciences. She also started teaching to undergraduates and master course students and was involved in UK teachers’ development courses.  She then settled in London working for several years as a researcher at the Natural History Museum. Lavinia moved back to Palermo in December 2010. In 2015 she worked for a few months as a Math and Science Teacher at ISP. In 2016 she acquired her IELTS language qualification certificate.


Philip Doyle – Math ( G7, G8)

Phil trained as a teacher in New Zealand in the late 1970′s but spent most of his working life in business and returned to teaching recently when joining his wife Mairead teaching in various international schools around the world. Phil has travelled the world extensively, visiting over 60 countries and Italy is the 12th country he has lived in. He loves experiencing different cultures and learning about their food, music, language and attitudes. It’s this international experience that Phil trys to bring to his lessons and instil in his students an open minded approach to life and a love for learning.


Chiara Di Bono – Matematica (G6, G7, G8)

Chiara è nata a Palermo e ha frequentato l’Università degli Studi di Palermo, conseguendo la Laurea in Matematica nel 2014 e la Laurea Magistrale in Matematica, con la votazione di 110/110 con lode, nel 2016. Nel corso dell’anno scolastico 2015-2016 ha svolto presso l’istituto Gonzaga corsi di recupero e di potenziamento di matematica e fisica. Attualmente insegna matematica e fisica al Liceo Scientifico dell’Istituto Gonzaga e matematica presso l’ISP.


Lilli Manta – Lingua Italiana e Geografia (G6 and G7)

Lilli graduated in Classics in 1998, with the vote of 110/110 cum laude at the University of Palermo. She is a qualified teacher of Latin, Greek and Humanities (Italian, history and geography) in Secondary schools. She has been teaching since 1999 and from 2007 she has been teaching Humanities in CEI. Her interest and love for education and training children also resulted in her life choices: married since 1999, she has four wonderful children who put her skills as an educator to the test on a daily basis.


Giulia Rondello – Lingua Italiana, Storia e Geografia (G6, G7, G8)

Giulia è nata a Palermo e ha conseguito la laurea magistrale in Lettere Moderne presso l’ Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano con il voto di 110/110 cum laude. Da aprile 2016 insegna  italiano, storia e geografia presso l’Internation School di Palermo e nella scuola secondaria di secondo grado dell’istituto Gonzaga.  L’esperienza d’insegnamento in tali contesti  stimola il suo interesse per l’educazione  e la formazione dei giovani e permette la sua crescita professionale.


Adiagna Rodríguez Escalona – Spanish

Adiagna is from Cuba, graduated in Law in 2005. However she has always had two passions: foreign languages and teaching. So she learned Italian, French and Portuguese. While still studying at the university she was offered the job of teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language to students from Asia who were in Havana to study at the university. In 2010 she moved to Spain where she kept training for teaching Spanish and in 2014 she started teaching in Istituto Cervantes in Palermo, where she also qualified as an examiner of International Certification of Spanish (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera).


Antonio Zarcone – Musica (G6, G7, G8)

Diplomato in Pianoforte presso il Conservatorio di Musica “V.Bellini” di Palermo con il Massimo dei Voti e la Lode (10/10 e Lode) affianca agli studi classici una continua ricerca nel campo della musica Jazz e della musica contemporanea, approfondendone sia gli aspetti artistici che tecnici.

La sua intensa attività concertistica vanta collaborazioni ed esperienze con le più importanti e storiche associazioni musicali siciliane. Oltre all’attività concertistica e “Live” dal 2004 al 2014 è docente di PianoJazz e Maestro Accompagnatore di Canto Jazz, dal 2012 è ideatore e fondatore di “Lab Music Recording Studio” Studio di registrazione e centro musicale, centro nevralgico della produzione musicale Palermitana. Da sempre mette a disposizione dei suoi alunni e dei giovani.