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Tales for peace, due nostri studenti vedranno pubblicato il loro racconto

Per il quinto anno consecutivo l’istituto Lux ha lanciato l’invito per immaginare mondi diversi e condividere la loro visione della pace attraverso la finzione. In questa occasione, attraverso la rete di Educate Magis, abbiamo esteso la chiamata ad altre scuole gesuite nel mondo perché, sebbene la distanza ci separi, lo spirito ignaziano ci unisce.

La risposta è stata incredibile! Abbiamo ricevuto 272 storie da 14 scuole situate in 5 paesi diversi.

“Scegliere 27 storie tra tante storie incredibili non è stato un compito facile: una commissione è stata formata da insegnanti, amministratori, accademici dell’Università Iberoamericana e da altre scuole, studenti e genitori dei gesuiti che hanno letto le storie e hanno deciso su coloro che ne faranno parte.”

Le storie selezionate e illustrate dagli studenti del Lux saranno presentate alla FENAL (Fiera Nazionale del Libro di León Guanajuato) quest’anno.

I racconti di Giulia (Grade 5) e Sophia (Middle 3) sono stati selezionati e saranno pubblicati nell’ebook insieme a quello di altri 25 studenti do tutto il mondo.

Eccovi i racconti di Giulia e Sophia.
Sophia M3


Lillian and her family had just moved, since they couldn’t afford their previous apartment anymore and this little house in a poorer neighbourhood was more affordable for them. It always looked gloomy, dull and the atmosphere was constantly that of an abandoned place where nobody actually cared anymore. The whole street was inhabited by pretty old, retired people who actually didn’t bother leaving the house so they hardly noticed how ugly their surroundings were. This still wouldn’t affect Lillian’s brilliant mood and she always had the will to improve things by making the best of everything in life. This little ten year old girl didn’t have much and still gave the world more than anyone else with a lot of money could. You must also bare in mind that, although in that neighbourhood the only thing besides the crooked grey houses and the dead dry plants in front of them was a destroyed pavement covered in rubbish that wasn’t even recognizable anymore, Lillian always had a beaming smile on her face and the little clothes she owned were the colours of the rainbow.
It was incredible how much this little sweet girl cared for the environment and even though she hardly had any money she did everything anyone possibly could to make a start and try and change the world because… if you don’t then who will? She spent the first few days getting rid of all the dead plants and branches in front of their house and other porches, she also watered all of the plants that were just brown and weeping but were probably still rescuable. She tied bundles of old branches she had found while clearing the ground away and left them in front of her neighbours house doors so they could use them to light their fire in the fireplace. The only dead leaves she left lying on the floor were the red, orange and gold ones because they beautified the sidewalk and that was how it was meant to be in November. She kept the seeds of the apples, cherries and apricots she ate in the past in a little plastic box and now they came in handy to plant in the spots of soil where there was no sign of life. Every morning she walked to the end of the street, to the little water fountain, so she could fill up her watering can and start watering all of the plants she encountered…she had to go back at least twenty times to get a refill.
It was shocking to see that after a few weeks of hard work for Lillian, even the old, retired people came out of their houses to contribute. They started a community compost where everyone brought their organic waste to recycle and then spread the outcome on the vegetable patch or to fertilize new flowers. Many weren’t strong enough anymore to just climb up trees and cut off dead branches or plant new ones so most of the old couples made their sons or grandchildren come on the weekends to help. Every Monday someone would come and pick up the little plastic waste they still made but it was becoming less every time since they reused glass bottles and filled them up at the fountain and didn’t need to buy as much ready-made and packaged food or vegetables since they had their own (that was why food wasn’t a real issue for Lillian since she didn’t let money get into the way of a healthy life). On some days when the sun was shining brighter than ever, the neighbours would take turns to make fresh lemonade with the lemons that now actually grew on the trees they all helped take care of and bake things like apple pies with their fresh apples. At the end of the day the street and the rest of the neighbourhood was cleaner than in the morning when everyone woke up to a great day.
Everything had changed and the neighbourhood had started a new life thanks to Lillian and her initiative. Such a determined, loving, giving, kind little girl had managed to make people come out of their houses smiling after years and had awoken the beauty of nature again. The street looked absolutely astonishing and you could actually see the love and dedication all the people had put into it… the trees all had bright leaves, flowers and fruits, the plants in pots or on the ground were excitedly reaching for the sun; the soils was always soft and damp but never dry and crackled. All of the neighbours loved Lillian and looked at her with the eyes of a grandparent. The birds were finally building their nests in the trees and squirrels were finding their little dens in the trunks again. When spring came butterflies danced around in the beautiful flowers and rested on the juicy, sweet fruits. The second your car turned the corner and started driving down Blackrock Street you felt like you were in a whole new world… you would think this is what paradise looks like, what true perfection is.
The news travelled fast and soon not just the whole town knew and came only to see what a little girl with no money was able to initiate and accomplice, but they got the state’s recognition as well. The President held an entire speech dedicated to them which the whole neighbourhood saw on the daily news on TV, everyone except for Lillian and her family… they never even could afford one of those; but even those little details had travelled just as fast. So that Sunday morning someone knocked on their door, Lillian ran down the stairs like she always did when someone was waiting outside, and opened the door to find herself standing in front of a humongous crowd of people… face to face with the President. After introducing himself he turned towards the crowd with Lillian under his arm, gave the street an award and read out a letter of recognition.



Giulia (G5)

“Sophie lived in France with her family”


She was ten years old. Sophie had pretty long brown hair and big beautiful eyes. She loved to read. She loved so much to read that when she was reading it seemed that her eyes were attached to the book with glue.
Sophie’s mother had long hair, as blond as gold and big, blue eyes. “Sophie come down, it’s lunch time”, “yes I’m coming, but first I need to finish the chapter I’m reading. Sophie’s house was huge and magnificent. There were cristal chandeliers, lots of rooms and a spectacular hall with large tables and comfortable couches.
During a hot day of September 1939 Sophie’s parents had terrible news for her…“Honey“, whispered her father unhappily “you will need to move to an orphanage, a secret orphanage in Bordeaux, here it isn’t safe anymore. If we stay here, soldiers will capture us and then take us to a concentration camp.“But why“? Said Sophie desperate. “Because we are Jewish”. We will go away tomorrow. “Okay“ said Sophie with eyes full of tears rolling down her cheeks.
The next mornig they started their walk to Bordeaux, well not really a walk because luckily they had a horse. Two weeks later they finally arrived, now they needed to find the secret orphanage. When they finally found it, Sophie’s parents said farewell, hoping they could come back soon to get Sophie and live together in peace.
Miss Sborcën was the principal, she showed the orphanage to Sophie and then told her to put the uniform of the orphanage on. It was a blue dress with the star of David.
Miss Sborcën had brown hair. She always kept them with a chignon. She had brown eyes. She was very strict.
“Well this isn’t the orphanage, this is my house. Now I will show you the real orphanage.
Squirt! Eeeeee! Eeeeee! The door opened then Sophie heared a loud and sudden sound. BOOM! It was as if an elephant exploded in Sophie’s ears.
Then Miss Sborcën opened a wardrobe from the wall and inside there was a beautiful house with lots of girls of Sophie’s age. Finally Miss Sborcën brought Sophie to her room. Her room was colourful and full of interesting objects. When Miss Sborcën left the room, Sophie started to cry.
The next day, when Sophie woke up, she spotted a hole behind a chair. Sophie was very curious, so she leaned forward to see what was inside that hole. There was another room. In that woom there was a girl, so Sophie asked her what her name was. “I’m Holly” she said.
Holly had long blond hair, brown pretty eyes and freckles around her nose. Sophie and Holly became friends. They never left each other. What they loved most was doing lots of jockes to Miss Sborcën. They hated her. One day Miss Sborcën locked the two young friends in her room for several hours because they hanged a bucket full of paint on a door, and when she went through it the bucket fell on her and she got all dirty .
But one day Sophie received a letter written by some relatives that she barely knew. Sophie opened it and read it avidly: both her parents had died in a concentration camp. Also, from now on, her aunt Zoé would pay the orphanage for Sophie. She didn’t even know she had an aunt. When Sophie finished reading the letter, she was shocked and petrified. A few moments later she started to cry. It seemed like a river of tears was flooding in the house.
Then Sophie fell asleep…she had a dream. She dreamed of her father and mother saying that she could stop the war and save everyone. Sophie continued to think about that dream.
The next day Sophie had the solution! So she called her friend Holly from the hole in the wall and told her that during the night they would escape.
At first Holly wasn’t really convinced. Holly said that if they would go away then soldiers would imprison them too in a concentration camp. But Sophie succeeded in convincing her. So during the night they put a blanket around a heavy chair and then slided down out of the window.
“But now where will we go, I’m so scared” cried Holly. “Don’t worry Holly, we will be safe”. Unfortunately a soldier spotted them and brought them to a train that went to a concentration camp. In that moment Sophie and Holly where really scared.”We had a crazy idea” cried Holly. “Don’t worry Holly, we will find a way out of here”.
After a few months, Sophie and Holly were still in the camp. They hated the soldiers because they where bullies with the Jewish. It wasn’t fair that Jewish had to suffer for nothing. So Sophie decided that she needed to speak with everyone.
“I want a world where everyone is in harmony with others, where everyone feels safe, a place where everyone can call home and peace in the world, this is what I want”.
While she was talking, suddenly they heard a loud noise…it was the noise made by the saviors that arrived to rescue them in the concentration camp. The general of the army listened to a part of Sophie’s speech and when the war finished, the general decided that from that moment Sophie would be the symbol of peace for everyone.

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